Project bag for a true crochet lover

crochet project bag lilleliis

Something really interesting has been cooking lately! It all started when I decided to make myself some fun and eye-catching crochet T-shirts. I don`t mean crocheted shirts, but tops with cool slogans about crochet. I am a devoted jeans and T-shirt person, so I wanted something really comfy that I could wear with proudness. With the help of a graphic designer we made two different designs (I will show them to you very soon!). But during this process it suddenly hit me, that we could make little project bags as well. Actually I don`t have any, so it`s always an issue if I want to take my work with me. So here they are – project bags by lilleliis :) Fully handmade in Estonia, which I am very proud to say. Minimalist, scandinavian, black and white, homemade. Everything I love!

crochet project bag lilleliis
crochet project bag lilleliis

The bag is 25 x 35 cm (approximately 10 x 14 inches), so it nicely fits many skeins of yarn, crochet hooks, scissors, needles and even some stuffing for amigurumi.

On the right side it says: “A woman with the magical crochet power”, which I believe suits to describe most of my blog readers. Seeing the cute yarn ball and crochet hook always warms my heart, so all-in-all taking this bag out anywhere makes me feel proud and happy.

On the back side there`s lilleliis logo.

draw string project bag
crochet project bag lilleliis

I am in love with my bag already. It`s amazing how these tiny little beautiful things can bright up my day. And soon, very soon I will show you the T-shirts as well!

Feeling the “crochet power” in your fingers too?!

Grab yourself a project bag here. Or read about how to win a bag right here.

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