Designing amigurumi penguins

crochet amigurumi penguin toy

In February we had the penguin theme in Estonian Amigurumi Club. Everybody made penguins (this is optional of course!). As I had wanted to make a penguin for some time, I felt this was the right moment to try it out. You can see my first attempt standing in the front. I wasn`t completely satisfied with it, so I tried another version as well. The two penguins standing in the back are basically the same, I only tried different yarns. The gray one is made using wool and the pink one is made with cotton. I asked my Instagram and Facebook fans which one they like the most. I haven`t counted their answers yet, but it seems like there are mostly wotes for the gray penguin and almost the same amount for the penguin on the front. Some people also suggested I´d use the body of the gray one and the head of the front one :)

I want to continue with this design as soon as I am back from a small holiday to give my body and mind some rest. And after finishing a special Easter design :) We`ll see what comes out of my penguins in the end!

crochet amigurumi penguin toy

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