Fairy tale frogs

amigurumi frog prince princess (2)
amigurumi frog prince princess (2)

Meet my fairy tale frogs – the prince and the princess. Both of them were made for my previous book published in Estonian in the late autumn. There will be an English translation as well, but due to a reduced volume those two characters will be left out. But don`t be sad, they are based on an extremely popular free pattern of mine – Felix the Frog – which you`ll find under my freebies.

amigurumi frog prince princess (1)
amigurumi frog prince princess (3)

Let it be said that this time I took inspiration from people using my patterns. After publishing the free frog pattern I noticed many people were making prince versions of it (you may peek into Ravelry to see all the wonderful projects yourself). Those were really handsome and cute. So when preparing the material for the book I wanted to make use of the idea and designed the outfit for my frog couple.

In addition to the decent costumes my frogs are wearing golden crowns. They do not have safety eyes or any other stiff parts which makes them perfect for babies as well.

Both of the finished frogs are available in my shop.
The link to the free basic pattern can be found when scrolling up a bit.

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