Fascinated by foxes

crochet fox purse for girls
crochet fox purse for girls

I made this fox purse as a gift for my niece Johanna, who just celebrated her 6th birthday. She has always been a huge inspiration for me. I think it was only the second purse I´ve ever made and I had lots of fun creating it. I recently made this amigurumi fox, so I was completely in the mood. And I already have another version of a fox in mind which I hope to bring into life soon :)

Through the years I have designed a few toys for Johanna that people have really started to love. For example one of my most favorited patterns – Cuddly-baby – was originally designed for her when she turned 1 year old. And the horse from my recently published book was also a birthday gift for her.

amigurumi pattern cuddly baby

You will find Cuddly-baby pattern here.

Pattern will become available in my new English book in the beginning of 2018 :)

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