Have you ever considered keeping an amigurumi diary?

amigurumi diary 30 crochet projects

Let me present an amigurumi diary just recently designed for all crazy amigurumi addicts, like myself :) In this diary designed especially for crocheters you can include information, emotions and notes about 30 different crochet projects. As a bonus the diary includes inspiring photos and quotes.

How I got the idea?

I saw a post by @liefs.gehaakt on Instagram. She shared a cow made from my book “Cuddly Amigurumi Toys” and a photo about a handwritten diary with all the information about the project. I must admit I had never seen something like this before. Perhaps I´m blind, but really! I was so inspired and decided I want to make a printed notebook for crocheters to store memories and emotions of projects made. Wouldn`t it be great to have all your amigurumi projects between the covers, to browse them in the end of the year and be surprised of all the beauty you created? I know it`s a little old-school, but that`s exactly what I love about it!

amigurumi diary 30 crochet projects
amigurumi diary 30 crochet projects

Sharing photos on social media can be lots of fun, but it`s an entirely different feeling to keep an intimate diary just for yourself.

As I already mentioned the diary has room for 30 crochet projects. I hope I put all the essential fields to fill in it. Also I left plenty of room for notes, because that`s the place where you can write your personal comments or notes for the future – things you liked about the pattern, things you would do differently if you should ever repeat the same design, how you felt on the period of time you when working on this toy etc.

There are a couple of extra pages like Tricks I´ve learned, My amigurumi goals and some more that I will keep in secret so it would be fun for you to discover. Also some cute quotes and sayings about crochet and crafts to keep up the mood.

I am really looking forward to your comments on this first edition of the diary. It would be great to know what you like and what you think could be changed.

Find Amigurumi diary in my shop.

amigurumi diary 30 crochet projects

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