How to blush cheeks on amigurumi

blushing doll cheeks

Have you ever wondered how to get those cute blushed cheeks on your handmade toys and dolls?! It gives an irresistible cuteness effect and sometimes it`s exactly what your doll needs.

Lovely rosy cheeks to your amigurumi or Waldorf dolls can be achieved with colored beeswax and a little cotton cloth. There is an alternative to blush the cheeks with your own make-up rouge, but in my experience it won`t last as long and the color isn`t as bright as with the beeswax.

I am using Stockmar beeswax blocks. Some people claim they`re not 100% natural and might therefor be harmful for kids, especially when chewn. But you really should eat the block, so the small amount applied to the cheeks doesn`t harm your kid in any way.

In this short video I will show you how the blushing works.

how to blush cheeks on amigurumi

The important thing I have discovered is not to rub the surface too much. Some yarns tend to get fuzzy because of that.


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