How to change yarn color in amigurumi?

changing color in amigurumi

This tutorial is about how to change yarn color in crochet. Changing yarn color is an essential skill when making amigurumi toys. It`s not often that you can work an entire toy in the same color. Even the easiest projects tend to have color change. Sometimes it`s the paws that are made in different shade, or pants. But you may struggle in a more serious color changing challenge when working on a striped sweater. So it`s important to know how to do this correctly.

how to change color in amigurumi

The most important rule in this matter is that yarn color is always changed in the end of the previous stitch. For example if you want to use new color from the beginning of round 6, you have to change it on the last stitch of round 5. Or if you want to work the 3rd stitch of the round in a different color, then you need to change it in the end of the 2nd stitch.

In my example I have worked 5 rounds in beige yarn, now I want to switch to pink. Here`s how it should be done:

1. Start the last stitch as usual, but don`t pull the final loop through.

Instead, tie the new yarn color to the old one at the back of the work.

2. Wrap the new yarn color around your hook and pull through the two loops of the old color to finish the stitch.

Now you can start the first stitch of the next round with the new color. And you know hot to perfectly change yarn color in your next amigurumi project!


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5 thoughts on “How to change yarn color in amigurumi?

  1. Charlotte Kidwell says:

    I’ve seen this way demonstrated many times as the best way to change yarn colors. However, yours was the first method I’ve seen that said to “tie” the new color to the old color before completing the stitch. All the rest I’ve seen said to simply complete the last “pull through two loops” of the old color with the new color and then continue on in the new color, crocheting over the new color tail while holding it on top of the stitches. I really like your method best because the new color yarn seems much more secure and unlikely to pull out because of the little knot tying it on. Thank you so much for this great tip with the slightly different way of changing colors in Amigurumi (or with any other type of crochet for that matter.) 🙂

  2. Naomi says:

    Thank you. I have read several confusing ways to solve the color change issue, your’s is my favorite , SIMPLE it works and it’s handmade, i like the imperfections and I crocheted every stitch. That feels great!!!

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