Little amigurumi Christmas tree

little amigurumi Christmas tree

Little amigurumi Christmas tree is a beautiful, quick and easy, low-cost Christmas gift idea. I made some little trees using leftover yarn and a free pattern of mine. The tree is crocheted in one piece, so you can basically make it in minutes.

In this post I want to show you a few options for decorating, and a couple of alternative ways to make it stand.

little amigurumi Christmas tree


I like how different the trees look before and after decorating.

If you want to go with a close-to-nature, minimalist look, keep them naked (see the first photo). The characteristics of yarn is all you need for the natural finish.

I combined different shades of green and brown leftover yarn. I´ve got cotton, merino and pure wool all mixed up. It doesn`t even matter if one of the yarns is a little thicker than the other, as long as you can work with the same hook.

little amigurumi Christmas tree

Decorating the tree gives you a little more possibilities to express your creativity. Each one of my trees is decorated differently to show how much it matters.

The tallest tree is embellished with green square spangles.

The light green tree is covered with small 6mm buttons.

The third Christmas tree is covered with hand-stitched French knots (video tutorial here) made with golden yarn.

little amigurumi Christmas tree
little amigurumi Christmas tree


The last thing that affects the look and style of the tree is how you make it stand.

In my original pattern I used little flower pot saucers. I´ve bought them from my local flower shops, but I understand those are not available everywhere. I used my fantasy to invent something new and provide alternative ideas.

If you have a small (terracotta) clay pot or a tiny zinc bucket, you can crochet a long stem for the tree and glue it into the pot.

What changes I made in the pattern?

I started as described in the pattern. After completing round 22 I continued like this:

23-36: With brown yarn: sc in each st around

37: Work 2 sc in each st [24]

Stuff the stem and glue the tree to the bottom of the pot.

amigurumi Christmas tree pattern free

For the smaller trees I found a genius solution – I glued them onto a big button. I skipped the last round of the pattern because of the size of my button.

I can only imagine how beautiful it would look if you use a natural wooden button. Instead of that, I did recycling and used some old buttons my mom had given.

amigurumi Christmas tree tutorial
little amigurumi Christmas tree

Here were some of my experiments. If you have an alternative idea to share, do it in the comments. I believe we all appreciate new creative ideas!

3 thoughts on “Little amigurumi Christmas tree

  1. Dee Collins says:

    I had a pack of mixed dried fruits such as apple slices and orange etc..they all worked well as a base for the tree and gave it a rustic look! I settled on the apple slice in the end. I will be making more of these for sure as gifts. thank you so much for the lovely design and also for the birdie pattern!

  2. Judith Thaler says:

    Danke für die Anleitung des Weihnachtsbaumes. Es sind total schöne Bäume. Wie alles von Euch. Ich bin richtig begeistert. Schöne Weihnachten und zauberhafte Stunden wünsche ich Euch allen.

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