Little crochet bows – free pattern

little crochet bows free pattern

Have you ever wanted to add a little crochet bow to your amigurumi, but didn`t know where to find the pattern? Well, the problem is solved now. Click here to find my free crochet bow pattern in 3 different sizes.

little crochet bows free pattern

I designed the bows is 3 different sizes, so they will fit amigurumi animals and dolls in different measurements. Of course, there are more ways of using these cute bows. For example, glued on a hair clip or sewn on a sweater to create cute accessories for little girls.

free pattern crochet bow
little crochet bow free pattern

I attached the medium sized bow to a monkey to create a more girlish looking toy.

The pattern is available as a written text with photos, but also as a short video tutorial.


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