Looking back at 2016


Has this been a crazy and amazing year!!! So much has happened during 2016. The first half of the year was very quiet here in my blog, but that only meant I was working hard on many important projects.

A huge step for me was the opportunity to publish my books in other languages. It seems almost unreal to think “Magical Amigurumi Toys” is now available in English, Spanish, Dutch and Korean. It`s a big thing for a “little Estonian girl” like me.

You will find more information about my books here.


My biggest effort and challenge of the year was writing the new Estonian book and designing lots of toys for it. You will find the gallery of “Kaisuloomakirg” below. There you will see many new characters which I haven`t shown anywhere before.

I have some wonderful news for English speakers as well. I have signed the contract and can officially announce that in the beginning of 2018 my new book will become available in English!!!

[mediagrid cat=”337″]

Besides all that I have published 7 new online patterns, 2 of them for free.

I feel grateful for my 17 000 Facebook fans and 12 000 Instagram fans. Thank you everybody for your likes, comments, emails, photos and feedback. You keep me going!

I wish you all a lovely New Year`s Eve with your loved ones and lots of happiness in 2017!!!


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