More rattles – bees and butterflies

crochet butterfly rattle

Here are my bee and butterfly rattles. I made them together with the caterpillar rattles, so they are like a set of three.

Again I tried different yarns and colors and really enjoyed the process. Also I experimented with hand stitched eyes. This way the rattle has no stiff parts at all and it`s even more baby safe.

Perhaps my favourite is the bee. It`s so cute. I love the lifelike colors and simplicity of it. Again with the butterfly you can experiment with colors. I have dozens of combinations on my mind that I would have wanted to try. Perhaps I will some day.

The pattern for the bug rattles is already under testing and will be available soon!

crochet rattles butterfly bee caterpillar
crochet butterfly rattle
crochet bee rattle
crochet butterfly rattle

I want to thank Annika Metsla for the photo with the baby. She is a famous Estonian photographer and has recently made photos of several of my toys, but I will talk about that some other day.

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