My first attempts on sock toys

handmade sock cat

During this year I also gave a try to new things. Now that the year is ending it seems to be a good moment to share some photos with you.

I´ve always been a fond of toys made from socks. You may consider my Stripy Sock-puppy as a proof of that. However, as I`m not very good at sewing I didn`t know if I would be able to make them myself. So I made a few attempts and found out that actually it`s not as difficult as I thought. But as with everything else, skills come with experience.

This is my very first sock bunny made for my daughter. The sweater is made from her old worn-out tights. Plus I only needed one sock.

handmade sock bunny
sock toys bunny

I made one additional bunny using a striped sock and experimented with plastic bead eyes. This bunny was a gift for little Miia, my friends daughter.

striped sock bunny

Then I tried some cats. This one turned out a little bit arrogant, but I like his lordly look.

handmade sock cat
handmade sock cat

This cat looks a little dumb to me :) Both of the cats went for the children`s hospital Christmas charity project.

I made a few more sock animals but didn`t photograph all of them. I must say I had a lot of fun when making them! And I´ve bought some more socks for the future :)

3 thoughts on “My first attempts on sock toys

  1. Di Shirtcliff says:

    These are wonderful! Particularly like the cat at the bottom. Right – off to find some off socks…

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