My September bear

treasure the teddy crochet bear

I bit late I know, but I want to show you my Treasure the Teddy of September. It`s the smallest one in my current collection of 9.

treasure the teddy crochet bear

Made with Drops Alpaca and 2 mm crochet hook. Probably the first toy in the history I´ve made with such a small hook which I usually use only for making tiny flower embellishments. But I really loved the texture of this yarn so I thought I´d give it a try. It was tough I must say. The yarn is dark and hairy, so you barely see the stitches. I only managed thanks to the years of experience I have in making amigurumis. It felt almost like blind crochet! Sewing parts together was another moment of struggle, but happily there weren`t too many pieces to sew.

There`s only 3 months to go to finish the challenge successfully! The color of October can be found here.

Discover Treasure the Teddy amigurumi pattern here.

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