New adventures in reptiles world – chameleon

Chameleon was an order from my local kids furniture company Muruum. They have chosen chameleon to be their mascot toy. Reptiles are not my strongest side I believe, but it`s always interesting to try new things. I have made a lizard for my son as his special request and he truly loves this. That encouraged me to grab the offering.

It`s not sure if this will be the final design, but I like how it turned out and that`s why wanted to share some photos.

My chameleon is about 15 cm high and 30 cm long. So it`s in the perfect size for cuddling. I experimented with different yarns – the green one is made with cotton and linen, but the orange one is with merino wool.

My favourite part of this toy is it`s tongue. The idea of adding the lower jaw and tongue came as out of nowhere but made my chameleon look more like a real one. Also I like his legs, although crocheting them is tricky and time-consuming.

I wanted to try one with fabric patches too. Bright colors made it look even more exotic.

It`s got some dots on his body and fabric lining in his mouth.


This toy was a challenge for me. And I believe it show us that cuteness can be very different. Just as there are kids who love teddies and bunnies, there are also some who think chameleons are even cuter! My both boys were thrilled of how he turned out and want to have their own chameleons now :)

13 thoughts on “New adventures in reptiles world – chameleon

  1. Sharon says:

    Hi Lilleliis,
    Your chameleon pattern is the cutest one I’ve come across… if you have the time and decide to write a pattern for it, please let me know!!

  2. Krisztina says:

    Hi, Lilleliis

    Your Chameleon is so cutie:)
    I would like make it for my best frend’s birthday, so I would like buy your pattern. Thanks your answear.

    Best regards,

    Krisztina from Hungary

      • Krisztina says:

        I’m sooo sorry. I hope you make chameleon’s pattern. If you make this pattern, please send me an email, because I will be the first buyer:)
        Best regards,

  3. Elvira Hitz says:

    hi lilleliis!
    i love your chameleon. is the pattern of it available?
    thanks for your answer!


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