Those cute gingerbread houses

gingerbread house crochet pattern

I just wanted to show you those cute gingerbread houses (crochet pattern available here) in some new colors. The Christmas classic white, beige and red. Spiced with some pink.

Made these with small loops for decorating the Christmas presents. However, the ornaments can be made with a bigger loop for hanging on the tree, or they can be bound into a garland. All options are oh-so-cute!!!

gingerbread house crochet pattern
crochet gingerbread house pattern

The pattern has gained more and more popularity over the years, and has received a lot of positive feedback. Big thanks to all who have shared their experience and thoughts with me. It makes me so happy to see how happy people are when working with my pattern.


little crochet house motif

Read this blog post for another creative way of using the gingerbread house crochet pattern. It`s even quicker and simpler version of making the ornaments.

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