Tummy Teddy amigurumi pattern

The teddy bear I made for my son in the last months of previous year got a new version and formed into a pattern. I crocheted two examples – pink as a girl and blue as a boy. Very classical.

The major adjustment was changing the material. The first teddy bear was made from mixtures of cotton and linen, but my soul was searching for something more woolly and rough. So I used a yarn made of wool and alpaca and was very much pleased with the result. Smaller adjustments on the eyes and legs and they were complete.

I had the teddy bears sitting on my shelf and pattern pretty much ready, but I didn`t have the name for them. It had to be something special, like the teddy bear itself is sweet and special. Finally I got inspiration from my kids, when they were playing with their softies. So I named the bear Tummy Teddy, which brings the attention on his tummy and the cute belly button :)

The pattern of Tummy teddy can be found in the shop.

5 thoughts on “Tummy Teddy amigurumi pattern

  1. Vicky Hamilton says:

    I have bought a few of your patterns recently and just wanted to say thank you! they really are the best I have ever used and the finished products just wonderful! You are very talented and I hope to buy many more patterns from you :)

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