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I was nominated for the Worldwide Artist Blog Hop by Sarah from Ball Hank n`Skein. What a surprise! Thank you Sarah! I am excited to answer the 4 questions and to nominate two talented crafters to do the same thing!


Honestly?! I love it. It`s as simple as that.

Running a small craft business is nothing you would do without beeing completely in love with the thing. I found crocheting as out of nowhere and fell in love with amigurumi. Ever since my life has changed, it has become my passion.


If it does differ some way then I guess it`s something about my attitude. I take this thing just as seriously as any other job. I devote a lot of time on designing and planning. Do not want to repeat anyone else`s work or copy their ideas. Always try to find my own angle. I`m not good at English proverbs but my moto probably is something like “rather less than poorly”.


Well, I like to draw my ideas when they catch me. After that I usually take some time to give it a thought and consider the options. Sometimes it`s a few days, but sometimes even months or years. I wait for the day I feel really hungry for crocheting and then give it a go. I have learned not to stick with the original idea too strongly and make changes on the process. I let the toy inspire me as I go.


Well, at the moment I am doing something really unexpected – I took Zoomigurumi book and started Eduardo the Donkey pattern written by Pii_Chii. I have finished some parts but it`s not going very smoothly as I`m not used to following patterns. We shall see what comes out of it. Also I have a brand new design in the process plus at the same time I`m compiling a new pattern.

Here are my nominations…

I am nominating two very talented crafters. The first one is a huge favourite of mine in the crochet world – Vendulka Maderska from Magic with Hook and Needles. Many of you probably know her work and beautiful patterns. I will never get bored of the way she uses colors!

The second is my “amigurumi friend” Laura from HappyAmigurumi. We are both from Estonia and without knowing eachother started making amigurumis at about the same time.

I hope you enjoyed my post and I am looking forward to reading their answers!

Photos in this post are taken by Annika Metsla


6 thoughts on “Worldwide Artist Blog Hop

  1. Amanda Whitney says:

    Hello Mari-Liis! I am so excited to have found your patterns! They are beautiful and each one has that something about it that is so innocent and light-hearted that they make me want to giggle. I purchased the pattern of Anita the Gipsy Girl and am really enjoying it. Your patterns are very well written and easy to follow – thank you! I’ve bookmarked your website and will be buying more patterns in the very near future. Please, keep up the great work!
    Sincerely, Amanda Whitney
    Mesa, AZ, United States of America

    • lilleliis says:

      Thank you so much, Amanda! I am delighted to hear such words and am trying my best to please you with many more beautiful designs in the future.
      You are welcome to look around the website and follow lilleliis on Facebook and Pinterest.

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