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Magical Amigurumi Toys

Amigurumi bunny couple

It`s been a long time since I´ve crocheted those two bunnies – Frilly-pants Bunny and Long-ear Rabbit. I´ve always enjoyed their gleeful and sweet character. And the way you can mix colorful yarn with patterned fabric. Read More

Book giveaway final

The giveaway week is over and it`s time to announce the 3 winners who will receive my book “Magical Amigurumi Toys”. There were more than 200 ladies and also a few gentlemen who signed up for the giveaway. My heart was filled with joy when reading the comments you left in my blog. Again I had to admit there are so many wonderful people around me and that`s something that makes me very happy. Read More

Book giveaway!!!

Signing up for the giveaway has ended. Winners will be announced on the 5th of June.close

Hello everyone!

I´ve got some great news today. I have finally received my copies of the “Magical Amigurumi Toys” and because I got quite many of them, I decided to announce my very first giveaway.

I know so many of you have already pre-ordered the recently published book and some are still waiting for the paperback version, but you can still participate. It`s a fun game! Perhaps you`ll win the book for your friend or family member or for someone you think might fall in love with amigurumi.

If you haven`t heard of the book, then click here and watch the video demonstration.

Take the chance to win a V.I.P. author signed copy of the “Magical Amigurumi Toys”.

So, how to participate in the giveaway? Here are some rules:

  1. You can apply for the giveaway by leaving a comment under this blog post. Please don`t forget to fill the email field, so I could contact you in case you should win. Only comments left under this blog post will count, I cannot accept your comments in any other social channel.
  2. You can apply for the giveaway until 31st of May.
  3. I will announce the winners on 5th of June.
  4. I will contact the winners by email to ask for shipping details.

Wishing you all GOOD LUCK!!!

My first book in English

And the big day is here! My first book “Magical Amigurumi Toys” is now available both in English and Dutch. Feeling almost speechless and exuberant at the same time.

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank Joke from Amigurumipatterns.net. She is the true hero behind the scenes. Thank you!

Also I want to thank Diane who wrote this letter a year ago to Joke. Thanks for getting this ball rolling :)

Ik zag net op Facebook dat Lilleliis (ga er vanuit dat jij bekent bent met haar haakwerk :-)) in Estland een boek heeft uitgebracht van haar gehaakte knuffels (deze zijn zo gaaf) en dat ze graag in contact wil komen met uitgevers die haar boek kunnen vertalen in andere landen.

“Magical Amigurumi Toys” is available in 2 versions – PDF or a printed book. Non of them is available at my website as I have trusted this work to the others.

I have put all the relevant information about purchasing the book here. Please follow the links given to get information either about the English or Dutch book.

And lastly, I want to thank you all who you have supported, inspired and simply been there for me. Your comments here in my blog or any other social network mean more than you know. I appreciate you sending me the wonderful photos of the toys you`ve made using my patterns. It inspires me to keep going. Thank you all!

My first book

And it`s finally finished – my first book. I received it just yesterday. After working on it for the last year and a half it felt so good to hold it in my hands!

The book was ordered by one of the most popular local publishers. I had the chance to work with professional and very friendly people. For me it was a dream come true to work with a photographer Annika Metsla. She is one of the most famous wedding and portrait photographers here in Estonia.

The book is available in my native language Estonian. I wish it would be in English too, but the publisher doesn`t work abroad. However, I got my first experience on writing a book and it`s worth a lot. Perhaps when the right time comes I will get the chance to publish a book in English too.

The title “Võluväega mänguasjad” means “Magical toys”. I believe that toys made by moms for they kids really got something special in it. I know this because I see how my own kids care about the toys I`ve made for them.

The book consists of 20 patterns. Mostly the ones written between 2010 and 2013. I made some translations of the patterns that were only available in English and added a couple of new ones. I will create a gallery of the book contents quite soon.



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