Amigurumi bunny couple

It`s been a long time since I´ve crocheted those two bunnies – Frilly-pants Bunny and Long-ear Rabbit. I´ve always enjoyed their gleeful and sweet character. And the way you can mix colorful yarn with patterned fabric.

My first bunnies back in 2012 were made using Schachenmayr nomotta Cotton Linen – 100% natural material I loved so much and was so very disappointed when the yarn was discontinued. Today I´ve found another inspiring mixtures of cotton which nicely replaces that material – it`s Drops Cotton Light. The bunnies on the photos are made using that exact yarn. I have had this color combination long in my mind – green as the grass, blue as the sky, brown as the wood. Beautiful, just like the nature is!

You can now purchase the combo of those two bunny patterns with a special price. Check it out here.

Both patterns can be found in my book “Magical Amigurumi Toys” as well.

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