Amigurumi octopuses for the charity

A crochet friend of mine and the person who has helped with translating my patterns to German asked if I was making the amigurumi octopuses for the premature babies. I must say I had heard of it, but never really digged what it`s all about. It appears that this campaign is held in several countries, and it happens every year. I really liked the idea of making something small in between of a bigger project I am working on. So I grabbed my hook and gave it a go.

The last 3 octopuses came out quite cute I think. It wasn`t easy at all to achieve the soft and friendly look. I discovered the colors had an extreme impact on the result. Light and bright would be my suggestion. The most important thing is the face. You don’t want it to look scary or unfriendly. And for safety reasons it needs to be hand stitched or crocheted, so no safety eyes. So that took me the most of the time, and I did consider skipping the face at all. Finally I found a kind and sleepy embroidered face for my octopuses. Happy ending!

I must say the person who first invented the octopus with those curly crochet tentacles was really a genius. Such a simple yet stunning solution. I crocheted the legs to the body, so it would be safer for babies!

Is anyone of my readers making octopuses too?!

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