Sweet Childhood Bunny – amigurumi pattern

Let me introduce you to Sweet Childhood Bunny – a new amigurumi pattern of mine. To be honest, the design itself isn`t new. I´ve crocheted these bunnies since… 2011 I think. So the bunny is actually celebrating it`s 10th birthday, and what could be better than sharing the pattern of it with the world!

After a long struggle with the name, I chose Sweet Childhood Bunny because it reflects all those emotions I have with this design. I really feel it`s like the best friend a child could have, someone to remember for the entire life, the best pal to rely on even if life gets complicated. To me this bunny means the world.

sweet childhood bunny amigurumi pattern
sweet childhood bunny amigurumi pattern

Sweet Childhood Bunny pattern is in an intermediate skill level, but most probably suits every enthusiastic beginner who knows what is single crochet, half double crochet and double crochet.

The finished bunny is almost 30 cm / 11.5 in. It sits nicely because of the long legs and the tail that helps to balance the body.

The most wonderful thing about this design is that you can mix and match the yarn and fabric to create loads of unique combinations. That`s why I have started a new year-long crochet challenge and named it Amigurumi Rainbow Bunny Crochet Challenge. During 2021, me and several amigurumi lovers are planning to make a collection of 12 rainbow-colored bunnies. Would you be interested in joining us? If yes, then read more about it here.

sweet childhood bunny amigurumi pattern
sweet childhood bunny amigurumi pattern

Just to show you that I´m not kidding with making an entire collection of bunnies, here are some that I made when preparing the pattern. I didn`t know which color was the best so I crocheted many different versions, and felt it wasn`t enough for me yet. I wanted to try all colors. That`s how the thought of a crochet challenge was brought into life :)

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  1. [email protected] says:

    I would love to give the bunny a try. The picture came up on our 59th wedding anniversary and it looks like a good idea for the year. I have just finished the bear and have called it my Covid bear . Far from perfect but some little person will love it.

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