Chatterbox the Clown pattern finished

clown amigurumi pattern
amigurumi crochet clown

I would like to introduce you to my new crochet pattern – Chatterbox the Clown. After making the first clown I received many requests on that pattern, so I knew I would definitely need to write it down at one moment.

This toy is so inspirational. As I´ve already wrote before, I´m not a huge fan of clowns in the real life. But I so much like this toy.

It is an advanced pattern with some uncomfortable details – ruffles around the neck and arms, suspenders, cheeks etc. It demands some previous experience but even more it demands patience.

The toy is quite tall – about 47 cm which makes 18.5 inches.

amigurumi clown doll
clown amigurumi pattern

It is a challenge to make the color combination work. Of course you can use less colors, I guess that would make it a little bit easier. However, for me the clown associates with variegation and abundance of colors so I put a lot of effort on mixing the shades.

chatterbox the clown pattern
amigurumi crochet clown

Chatterbox is a true friend of all kids around the world. Always happy and positive, encouraging and full of surprises. Find pattern here.

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