Easter fun with natural egg dye

natural egg dye red cabbage
natural egg dye red cabbage

Today I want to share with you an experiment of natural egg dye with red cabbage. I was searching for a way of natural egg coloring and found so many awesome ideas and tutorials on the internet. There are different techniques available, but I wanted to keep it simple and chose red cabbage dye which seemed to be sort of foolproof. It was so interesting and kept me occupied the entire day. First I boiled the chopped cabbage about 40 minutes in 2 liters of water, strained and cooled it down. Also I boiled eggs and cooled them down as well. Then started the fun part. After adding a couple of spoons of vinegar into the liquid I put eggs in it. We kept them in from 20 minutes to 20 hours. You can see that the color varies from a light blue to a night dark. I was amazed of how interesting patterns it created. Some of the eggs look as if they`ve been painted with watercolors. The darker ones are a mixture of all kinds of green and blue shades. They really look like space!

I´ve enjoyed this Easter so much. Next year definitely want to give a try to more different coloring options: beet, tumeric, coffee to name some of them.

Wishing you all a lovely spring! And thank you Annika for the photo.

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