Elma the Elephant

This is Elma, my very first elephant toy. She is carrying my grandma`s name because she is so very special.

It took so much time to finish her. I believe I started already in spring, or was is winter… Anyhow, then I only finished the head. And although I loved how it turned out, I didn`t manage to go much further with her.

The body and limbs were crocheted during the summer, but again, the work was left unfinished. Since in the last week I finally put her together. This was a really happy day!

I experimented with mixing two different fabrics and it was very exciting. The one with the flowers is an old one, brought by my mother. A piece of her savings from the Soviet times.

My elephant has a very simple tail – braided from fabric strips.

I made it with simple sock yarn which consists of wool and a small amount of polyamide. You can definitely feel some roughness of the wool, but in this case I love it. It gives her just the right character.


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