Felix the Frog

amigurumi free pattern felix the frog

I made this simple frog in the previous year. First I had a bigger plan with this model. I had an idea of several different characters based on one model. I even made some experiments, but… As it sometimes is in life, you loose interest in things or you find other things that attract you more. However, I still loved the frog and thought it would be a simple and fun pattern to share with you for free!

So, as I said it is very simple to make. The pattern only uses single crochet stitch. And another great thing about this toy is that you don`t need safety eyes. It`s made without any stiff parts, very soft and baby safe. I named him Felix the Frog.

Click here to open the FREE PATTERN.

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10 thoughts on “Felix the Frog

  1. Josie says:

    I seem to be having the same trouble as others – the link seems to be broken. I have used the pattern before and loved it so I am actually just going back to make another one – I’m hooked!

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