Hilda the Ragamuffin


Many of you perhaps know Hilda Hilpharakas from my earlier blog. She was made already in 2010. It`s amazing how many people actually liked her and contacted me to ask for her pattern. Several times I started making this cat and reconstructing the instructions, but for some reason I wasn`t inspired by this old design of mine, so I always left it unfinished. In September I finally pulled myself together and now the pattern is available in my shop, yeah!!!


Hilda got an English name too, she is now Hilda the Ragamuffin.


I wanted this cat girl to be colorful. In contrasting to the main color which is light grayish beige, I used five bright shades for the clothing. I also made her nose strikingly pink :) I didn`t want to add too many details like buttons or ribbons, however you may add just as many as you like. Buttons would fit well on the topside of the dress, ribbon could be tied into a bow and attached to her head.


Find Hilda the Ragamuffin amigurumi pattern here.

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