Little jewelry bag with leaves


I have a new hobby which I have been enjoying since spring. It`s making bracelets using semi-precious stones. Actually it started when I visited a workshop with my daughter, where we made these kind of a bracelets. I found it so relaxing but at the same time thrilling. So I bought a small collection of stones and at the moments I feel I`m in a need of a brake, a moment of meditation, I combine bracelets.


I made this bracelet for a friend and photographer Annika, with whom we have now been working out two books. It was kind of a thank you gift when we finished the new book material. The bracelet contains moonstone, hematite and haolite.


It seemed nice to put the bracelet in a small bag, that way it`s a true gift. The great thing is that you can make the bag in any color so it would perfectly fit with what`s inside.

5 thoughts on “Little jewelry bag with leaves

  1. Hudi says:

    I came here looking for the pattern to crochet the jewelry bag for a customer. I found that u made that bracelette & use semi-precious stones! u should hook up with us (pun intended) on Instagram @thread.and.stone

  2. Elena says:

    Very nice bag and pretty bracelet! Do you have a website where do you sell your amazing bracelets? I liked it so much! Would love to buy one from you if you have any. :) Thank you so much,

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