How to finish amigurumi pieces?

Perhaps you`ve noticed that when finishing an amigurumi piece there will remain a striking difference between the height of the beginning and the end of the row. This is due to the spiral technique we use to crochet in the round.

The difference becomes quite annoying when starting to sew the pieces together, because it`s much more comfortable to sew neat edges.

I have found a great way to finish the pieces and make sewing easier. When it becomes a habit you won`t even notice doing some extra steps in the end of each piece.

Here I have just made the last single crochet and finished the piece.

1. What I`m going to do is that I make an extra slip stitch in the next stitch.

2. And chain 1.

3. I cut the yarn and only leave a short yarn tail because I won`t be using that for sewing purposes.

4. I pull tight to fasten the piece completely. Now it`s impossible that it would rip off somehow.

5. I use my crochet hook to bring the yarn out from the next stitch.

And that`s it! I have a piece with neat edge . I´ll finish stuffing and then I´m ready to start sewing.

One thought on “How to finish amigurumi pieces?

  1. Sylvia Lagos says:

    I usually end with a slip stitch, but I like the extra chain stitch for extra security!
    Thanks for sharing…..

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