Panda bear with button eyes

I made a new panda bear. It is really simple not to say primitive. I didn`t use the traditional colors though, instead I made it in olive green and dark brown. Lovely result, but still looks like a panda.

Quite many people have told me that safety eyes are not widely accessible in the places where they live. The same here. I mostly order my supplies from the US and receive them after 2 or 3 weeks here in Estonia. That`s why I wanted to experiment with something more obtainable like buttons and pieces of fabric. Every crafter has such things at home, right!

Panda bear offered a great possibility to make layered eyes. I combined felt, fabric and buttons. That was fun although I feel myself more familiar with safety eyes which definitely are more secure as well. The result is nice I think, and different.

What I learned from this project is that the choise of the eyes affect the look of the toy in a huge matter! And button eyes are a great way to give the toy a new and unique expression.

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