It`s a rabbit!

alpaca yarn bunny crochet (4)
alpaca yarn bunny crochet (2)

Working on this new bunny pattern. The idea derives on a design made years ago, however I`ve given it a fresh touch.

Someone suggested she looks like Sissy Bunny`s younger sister. They both have this kind of a shy and helpless expression.

alpaca yarn bunny crochet (3)

I enjoy mixing different materials. Here I´ve combined wool with cotton. This bunny also wears crochet lace collar.

alpaca yarn bunny crochet (1)
alpaca yarn bunny crochet (4)
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7 thoughts on “It`s a rabbit!

  1. Sara says:

    I wish to learn how to crochet cute bunny ears like this but i can not find free pattren of it ?

    • lilleliis says:

      This is quite simple. You make the ears, sew them together at to bottom and then attach to the head.
      Unfortunately my pattern is not for free.

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