The clown can be a girl too!

I will have to start with saying that after the TV clip my Chatterbox the Clown became unexpectedly popular. Many people saw him there in the swinger and asked if there is a pattern written of him. Also there was a lady who contacted me a few days after the broadcast and said she wants to buy the clown for her son. And, she wants one more for her daughter but that should be a girl clown. Well that sounded interesting. For me the clown is a boy and at first I coudn`t imagine how I could turn it into a girl. I worked the entire week and ended up with Gambol the Clown.

I wanted to keep the basic model as similar as possible. Therefore I didn`t make a huge dress but more like a tunic with ruffled skirt like edging.

I added funny pony tails and the fringe. And of course the party hat.

Here they are together, before going to their new home.

8 thoughts on “The clown can be a girl too!

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi! I recently bought your new book Magical Amigurumi Toys and Amigurumi Circus at I love Chatterbox and your other designs! Do you think its possible to send me the instructions for the girls hair? Of course I’ll pay for it!!! Thank you so much for your wonderful work! Kind regards Andrea

    • lilleliis says:

      Hi! I´m happy to hear you enjoy the books.
      Unfortunately I do not have the instructions of the girl clown. It was an improvisation. What I can say is that I started the head with the hair color, then at some point switched to skin color. The pigtails were made separately.

  2. Violet Tait says:

    Hi I recently bought the boy clown pattern from you which I was going to make for my new grandchild as the theme for the nursery is the circus. We have just been told the we are going to have a grand daughter so after seeing the girl clown I wondered if you could give me the instructions for her hair. I would be quite happy to pay for the pattern. I shall be making the boy clown as well as I already have a grand son. The pattern is amazing and I am looking forward to crocheting it.
    Regards Violet


  3. Stef says:

    Hello, I recently bought the pattern of this beautiful clown I ‘ve done in 2 copies :) I would like to release the girl but I wonder how do you pr hair?
    Is this is a sort of helmet made ​​with a larger hook ?
    Thank you for giving me directions to this realization I am a little lost …
    Sorry for my English, I ‘m French and I use a translator I hope this is understandable.
    Waiting for your reply

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