Lotte – Estonian cartoon character

heegeldatud Lotte

Lotte from Gadgetville is one of the most loved cartoon characters here in Estonia. I made it for my children already a long time ago, but promised to write a pattern for the other moms. Finally, here it is – a free pattern for this energetic and inventive dog girl.

When I published the free pattern in Estonian, the interest was so high I just had to translate it to English as well. Susanne helped me with the Dutch translation so now the pattern is available in three languages.
More information here.

Our kids just love their Lotte. I hope you will enjoy it as much as we do :)

2 thoughts on “Lotte – Estonian cartoon character

  1. Channe says:

    See Lotte on imeilus. Olen prantslanna ja Lotte meeldib mulle väga ! Mu lapsed vaatavad Lotte multikat isegi kui nad ei saa eesti keelest aru ;)

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