Smugly-bear pattern

It`s been a while since I wrote my last pattern. I started some, but left unfinished. I just wasn`t in the mood. You wonder why? There are so many eager fans for whom I would love to publish new patterns all the time. But among them there are also people who are not treating other peoples work and design with respect. The last months of 2012 revealed several copyright issues and unethical cases. I felt disappointed, deceived and had to take some time to clear my mind.
At the same time I received many e-mails with the questions about new patterns. Thanks to all these people I got back my self-confidence and faith in sincerity and esteem. Also I discovered I had skipped out all of the teddy bears and decided to start filling that hole.

So here it is, my very first teddy bear pattern – SMUGLY-BEAR. It`s extremely simple to make, yet an adorable toy. His lumpy body, smugly face and frisky ears give him the special character. He is clumsy, but even when he stumbles he still looks sweet because of the special heart on his butt :) Buttons on his tummy, ribbon around the neck and some fabric covering the ears make him a true sweetheart.

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