March bunny – Rainbow Bunny Crochet Challenge 3/12

sweet childhood bunny amigurumi
sweet childhood bunny amigurumi

This is my March bunny. The third bunny of Amigurumi Rainbow Bunny Crochet Challenge 2021.

The color of the month was light green, and I was super happy to find 3 skeins of merino wool in my yarn stash that was looking for a proper usage. In addition to that, I was able to mix it with an old skirt of mine. Recycling something makes me so happy. It gives a chance for something un-needed to become needed and beautiful.

This bunny is the biggest so far, cause I used a thicker yarn this time.

Yarn: Drops Big Merino (I think it was pistachio, but this shade probably isn`t available anymore because it was bought really a long time ago)

Hook: 3 mm

Fabric: an old recycled skirt of mine

Height of the finished bunny: 36 cm

Like the pattern? Find it here – Sweet Childhood Bunny

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