New pattern – Tiny luck elephant

I have finished a new pattern. It`s a tiny little luck elephant. I love these sweeties so much and hope you will enjoy the pattern. It`s a simple one evening project. Great if you want to use leftover yarn. Irreplaceable if you need a quick gift for a friend. Pure fun!


Elephant is a positive and powerful character. They are considered a symbol of good luck for many reasons, most of them tracing their origin to ancient folklore, as well as Indian religion and mythology. However they also symbolize dignity, fidelity, good fortune, intelligence, longevity, power, strength, success, virility, wisdom.

A week ago my sons classmates, 10-year old girls who are really fond of crochet, asked me to their crochet club they just started. That was their first meeting so I was honored to be asked to join them on that very special day. We spent wonderful time and learned how to make a magic ring. One of the girls had my book too and the thing I noticed is that they tended to like smaller toys better than the bigger ones. I guess big toys are more for toddlers who want to play and sleep with them and give them lots of hugs. Little toys are so special and sweet, and can bring you joy when simply standing on your shelf. It was something interesting for me to discover and put the meaning of tiny toys into a new light.


If you wish to read more about the meaning of elephants and how to use them in your home then here are some links:

You can buy the pattern here.

5 thoughts on “New pattern – Tiny luck elephant

  1. Ellen Cooper says:

    My niece bought this pattern for me her name is Linda Wagner and its upstairs and I can’t go up there cause I’ve had my leg amputated so I need to purchase it under my name this time I loved making them have made her several last year.

  2. Laura says:

    I have fibromyalgia, so crocheting a small thing is hard. How easy is this pattern? Thanks!

    • lilleliis says:

      Hi! The pattern is quite easy, however the toy is small, especially the arms.
      Have you tried any of my other patterns? How have you managed working with these?

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