New patterns in Dutch and German

lilleliis patterns in Dutch

Good news for Dutch speakers!

Amigurumi patterns of “Jester the Christmas gnome”“Sleepy Ida” and the brand new “Cupcake dress teddy girl” are now available in Dutch as well!!!

I am also trying to do my best to bring at least some of my patterns to you in German (at the moment Sleepy Ida and Martin the snowman are available).

You can help me choose which patterns to translate into Dutch or German by leaving a comment on this post. It would really help me a lot!

lilleliis patterns in Dutch

9 thoughts on “New patterns in Dutch and German

  1. Silvana says:

    Hello!! If you could please pass the patterns in Spanish too, it would be great.
    Thank you!!

  2. Susan says:

    I would love to see ” Jester the Christmas gnome ” in English Please ! He is so cute….I just love him ! <3

  3. Susanne Vinther says:

    I have, with your permission, translated one of your free patterns to Danish about 2 years ago. I think you should have your patterns translated to Danish.
    Kind regards

    • lilleliis says:

      Oh, you are right, Susanne! I should definitely consider translating more patterns into Danish. I hope to contact you soon, if you are willing to make more translations :)

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