Which patterns would you like to have in Turkish?

Good news for Turkish speakers, and I know there`s a lot of you! I have started a co-operation with a Turkish translator and am eager to translate some of my patterns in that language. As the first try we translated Sofia doll. You will find it available for purchase here.

As it`s not possible to translate all patterns, I am asking for your help in choosing the top 5. You can choose between all my amigurumi pattern designs that can be seenΒ here. Your opinion means a lot to me!

I am already grateful to everybody who take the time to answer :)

2 thoughts on “Which patterns would you like to have in Turkish?

  1. bird girl says:

    Chatterbox the Clown πŸ™
    Pompom hat penguin ❀
    Candy bunny 😍
    Meow cat πŸ™
    Cupcake dress teddy girl πŸ’“

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