The color of March is purple

I am so happy to see the Treasure the teddy gallery on Instagram increasing day by day! There are so many beautiful bears and so many inspiring yarn and fabric combos. Thank you all for doing this with me! It`s time for us to close February and start March.

The main color I chose for March is purple. The inspiration came from crocuses, which are one of the first flowers popping up after the winter. However, as you can see there are no crocuses on my mood board. When I started putting it together this morning, I simply couldn`t find a picture beautiful enough that would fit my board.

Although I intended to go for bright colors this month, the first inspiration board came out much darker than expected. Maybe it`s because it`s still quite cold here where I live. Minus 4 degrees today, a bit of snow and no signs of spring at all. So I made another and brighter one too :) I love the contrast of purple and yellow on the second board.

Check them both out and choose yours!

More info about Treasure the Teddy CAL can be found here.

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