Ronja the troll girl from Lovable Amigurumi Toys

lovable amigurumi toys troll doll
lovable amigurumi toys troll doll

Today I want to introduce you a troll girl from the book Lovable Amigurumi Toys. Her name is Ronja.

Ronja the troll girl was one of the first dolls I designed for Lovable Amigurumi Toys when I started the preparations in summer 2018. I had this weird idea of making a doll almost in one piece. You`ll start making her from the legs and end on the top of the head. The arms and ears will be crocheted and sewn separately. You also need to add the toes, skirt and hair. But overall it`s a fun way of making a doll.

If you`ve tried this pattern already then you are welcome to share your experience and thoughts about it in the comments.

My troll design was based on a real person, a little girl named Ronja who once visited us. She had a huge mouth and those kind of funny ears. She looked divine, almost like a fairy or something. Still remember her face.

lovable amigurumi toys troll doll
amigurumi doll

In the book I have a darker version of the troll girl with dark brown, almost wild hair. This version is more angelic. I used off-white Drops Muskat for the body and Drops Cloud for the hair. Her eyes are super important, because they`re enormously big. I got those beautiful hand-painted eyes with polka dots and found a matching color for the skirt.

crochet troll
amigurumi troll

Find Ronja the troll girl pattern in my book Lovable Amigurumi Toys.

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