Amigurumi rat pattern from the book Cuddly Amigurumi Toys

amigurumi rat pattern lilleliis

Let me introduce Neat Little Nelli the Rat – an amigurumi rat pattern from the book Cuddly Amigurumi Toys. There are several patterns in my books that are not available online, this white little rat is one of them. I decided to talk about her since it`s rat year now and it might be that some of you want to celebrate it with a proper crochet project.

amigurumi rat pattern lilleliis

This amigurumi rat was designed for my daughter who, at the age of 8, decided she wanted a rat for herself, as a pet. This idea really scared me, because I´m not a huge fan of rats. And besides, we already had a cat, so I simply couldn`t imagine all of us living happily together! So I got this idea of crocheting an amigurumi rat that she could cuddle, and see if she “forgets” that she wanted a real rat. And it worked!!! She totally fell in love with this cute furry toy and we never had to talk about domesticating a rat.

amigurumi rat pattern lilleliis
amigurumi rat pattern lilleliis

I wanted my amigurumi rat to look like a real one, so I put a lot of effort in getting it life-like. I am especially in love with those tiny legs. Aren`t they adorable!

The rat doesn`t have too many pieces to crochet and sew together. You will start making the body from the tail and end at the nose, so all this comes in one part. Later you will add ears and legs, plus embroider a nose. Piece of cake, right?

amigurumi rat pattern lilleliis

Discover amigurumi rat pattern in my book CUDDLY AMIGURUMI TOYS.

And have a happy Rat Year 2020!

6 thoughts on “Amigurumi rat pattern from the book Cuddly Amigurumi Toys

  1. Mary-Anne says:

    So funny I came across this today as I am just finishing up my second rat. Love , love , love ,this pattern.I have two of your books and they are worth every penny

  2. Lynn Praid says:

    I would love to make this pattern but wouldn’t need the book, Anyway I can pay for the rat pattern on its own.

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