Safety eyes for amigurumi toys

I would like to start a topic about safety eyes for amigurumi toys. Although someone might say they`re not completely safe for little children, I have had no negative experience so far. I´ve made several toys for each of our three kids – however, I`ve never had problems with broken or unfastened eyes. Nor has any of my clients complaint about these things. So I myself consider them as one of the best and easiest ways to add eyes to your amigurumi toys.

how to attach safety eyes on amigurumi

Where to buy?

Most of my supplies have been ordered from They have a big selection of items, nice variety of colors and fast service. Plus they ship worldwide which is extremely important when you live in a small country, almost in the middle of nowhere, like I do :) However, I also have a secret place where I order very unique hand painted eyes. They are painted by another estonian lady who`s shop you will find here. She enjoys mixing nice colors and experimenting with different ideas. A great example of her work are the dolls eyes with reflection spots. These give something very special to the dolls look. You can see some of her work on the photo above.

Hand painted safety eyes by Laura
Hand painted safety eyes by Laura

How to use?

1. Stick the eyes into the proper holes on the head (my patterns give you precise instructions on that).

2. Add a fastener (washer) from the inside of the work and press really tight to close it. You will hear a silent “click” when it happens.

TIP! I suggest you lay the piece on a paper, the eye facing downwards. Now you can press, without being afraid of damaging the surface of the eye.

So, these are my favourite places to buy safety eyes. I´d be glad to hear which are yours!


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10 thoughts on “Safety eyes for amigurumi toys

  1. Kitty Piper says: has a good selection of different sizes of eyes with fasteners. On the inside of your work, after “clicking” the fastener tightly in place, I put a circle of glue around the shaft of the eye. This ensures it is safe to use for children.

  2. sharon says:

    hi, bought 2mm and 4mm pjastic eyes…..they do not have washers to attach. they said glue or burn them? have no clue as to what kind of glue would work on crochet stuffies, and at total loss about the burning part. got anything to help a girl out

  3. Eda says:

    Kui tegemist on suurema mõõduliste silmadega, siis võiks silmade tagumised valged eraldi osad panna paariks sekundiks vette- siis lähevad nad päris palju lihtsamalt kohale.

  4. Christine says:

    I love all your patterns. I have many of them. I wanted to thank you very much for the free patterns & the Tips & Tutorials. So many designers don’t provide ether of these things. It provides the end user much more success with your designs. Thank you.

    • Elizabeth Gronlund says:

      I have a real hard time too. I ended up putting the washer on backwards hahaha. I’ve never used them before so wasn’t sure which way was correct so…..I did it my way. Hahaha Someone needs to make a tool for setting these things. My arthritis makes it super hard.

      • lilleliis says:

        Hahaa, all these little things can be tough to figure out at the beginning! You may want to check out this tool. It`s a specific tool for attaching the eyes. Another alternative is to use safety eyes that are easy to fasten. Some of them have super curved washers and those are harder to attach. The ones I use are flatter and they slip on very easily.

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