Rudy the Redhead – boy doll pattern

Here is the long waited boy doll pattern. He is perfect as a brother to Sofia doll – same size (30 cm) and similar shape. If you have already made one, then making the other one will be a lot easier as they use similar details and techniques.

I am really happy I took the risk and made him with carrot red head. Combined with the deep blue eyes he got this unique look I desired to achieve. Also I added some freckles just as redheads often have them in real life. These make him particularly cute I think.

Rudy is wearing a striped sweater and short brace pants. He has socks and sandals. Non of his cloths are removable.

The boy doll pattern definitely requires some previous experience and skills. It`s not an easy pattern but more like an advanced intermediate. It should be a nice challenge for anyone who loves making amigurumi dolls.

Get the pattern here:

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