Self-made Christmas present

Santa knows what I love the most! For this Christmas he brought me 3 skeins of organic wool in beautiful broken shades by Veritas, which is a completely new brand to me. It was obvious I will use this yarn for making something cosy for myself. So it`s like a double gift – first the yarn and then the hat :)

Lately I´ve been crazy about pompom hats, so I decided to make another hat. As I have wanted to try new techniques and stitches, and really improve my knowledge about crochet, I took a free Carlyle Slouch Hat pattern from Little Monkeys Crochet. It`s good to learn from other masters, right!

I learned how to make Herringbone half double crochet and loved working in the round without any joining. I was a bit concerned of how this stitch will work with my thick and thin yarn, but it looks really nice.

Also I learned how to finish the hat with a ribbing worked directly to the hat. I knew how to start the hat with a ribbing, but never knew you could do that the opposite way! Really enjoyed the pattern and the result. Now that I have already worn it a couple of times, I can say it`s a very comfortable design.

It was a joy making some photographing with my daughter after such a long time. She is a big girl now.

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