Sleepy Ida and her itsy-bitsy bunny

sleepy ida bear itsy bitsy bunny amigurumi pattern (8)

I have finally completed my new teddy bear pattern. I wanted to give her a special name and asked help from my Instagram fans. The moment I saw someone suggesting Ida, I knew that was it. So the new pattern is named

“Sleepy Ida and Itsy-bitsy bunny”.

It is a 2 in 1 pattern including the bear as well as the tiny bunny instructions. The toys can be used together or separately. If skipping the bow and choosing appropriate colors, the teddy girl can be turned into a boy instead.

This little rabbit is actually the smallest one I have ever made. It was so interesting and different creating it!

There are many creative ways to use this tiny bunny. I would like to try it in a nursery necklace or baby carousel, or simply as a cute key chain holder. You can make bunch of those little bunnies using only a small amount of leftover yarn.

You will find more photos and the pattern for purchase here.

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