Sometimes simple is the best

I had some fun with my Funny Bunny pattern and modified it into a little teddy bear and cat. I love the pattern because of it`s simplicity. I´m quite sure it`s one of the best patterns to start with when you`ve never tried making amigurumi animals before. But for those who have it`s still a fun basic model to experiment with.

simple amigurumi bear
crochet amigurumi cat

Changing the placement of the eyes, adding proper ears and tail if needed – that`s all the pattern needs to become a new animal.

simple amigurumi cat

In the end I made two bunnies as well. I simply adore bunnies and couldn`t resist the beautiful colors!

simple amigurumi crochet bunnies
easy to make amigurumi bunny
cut out heart of amigurumi bunny

Sometimes simple simply is the best. I had such fun with this pattern. Now when I look at the toys on my shelf I start to wonder if it`s worth to crochet any more difficult toys than these. Pretty can be so simple! It`s amazing!

UPDATE! Funny bunny pattern is now available in 7 languages. You`ll also find a separate pattern Nosy kitty.

crochet bunny with flower embellishment

2 thoughts on “Sometimes simple is the best

  1. Cindy says:

    Thank you for sharing your patterns!!! They are adorable!!!! I would love to also make the kitty and bear but could use some help. Would you mind telling me how to do their ears and tails. I appreciate it very much.

    P.S. I love the little kitty’s belly button!!! ☺️

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