The dragon pattern is released

After a long summer break my new dragon pattern is freshly released. I´m feeling so happy! I truly hope this is the toy that will bring smile to little boys faces.

I named him Lars, although many other versions like Flash or Flame were also under consideration.

Writing this pattern wasn`t easy. I made three samples before getting it right. Tried different eye sizes, placement and size of the bony plates etc. The most significant change is of course the wings. I designed completely new type of wings which give this dragon more serious as well as cool look.

I also gave up on the fabric which in the first versions was added to the dragons feet. Still kept the hand stitched pattern on his belly, this is something I am really fond of. If you wish to take a look at my very first dragon which was made 2 years ago for my sons 4th birthday then please click here.

This is a toy my younger son totally adores. Always when going on a holiday he picks him with us. I hope your little boys will adore him as well.

You will find “Lars the Dragon” pattern in my shop.

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