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Penguin with a pompom hat

amigurumi penguin with a pompom hat (1)

The story of my penguin started already in February when I made the first 3 penguins. It took quite a lot of time and thinking, but now  the design is complete. I used 2 different yarns by Drops – Alaska, which I had never used before and Cotton Light, which at the moment is one of my favourites of cotton. As a new element my penguin is wearing a wrap around the neck pompom hat. Can`t even tell where this idea came from, but it looks awesome and cute. Feels kind of weird to work on this winterly design during the spring and sun and flowers, but… If something fits perfectly then it fits perfectly and there`s no point in fighting against it!!!

Also an important note to all amigurumi fans! I am just about to finish the pattern and hope to publish it in a couple of weeks :)

10 thoughts on “Penguin with a pompom hat

  1. Rach says:

    Awww looks adorable. I’ll keep an eye out for when the pattern is available. That Pom Pom hat is just super cute! ????

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