About Linda`s new cat hat

Crochet hat with cat eyes

I had the idea of this hat haunting me for a long time. Just had to wait until Linda was big enough to wear it. Now the right time had come and as she needed a new hat for the coming winter I decided to finally give it a try.

In my fantasy it had to be a dark hat with big glowing cat eyes. I pretty much managed to carry it out just the way I had it in my head. What impressed me the most was how the two different yarns started to match together. First I planned to make it using Lana Gatto Nuovo Irlanda. But when I started it seemed to be too thin and not shaping very well. So I took a skein of dark purple Rowan Kidsilk Haze (if I remember correctly) and worked two strands together. Well that felt perfect! And the hat got this really mystical spectacular shade.

With making the applications – the huge cat eyes and nose – it all went smoothly. Perhaps I would have wanted to add more spangles and beads as well. But to be honest I´m not so good at it. So I made it simple.

My “kitty girl” wasn`t very enthusiastic when we started photoshooting. But it all changed. She got so into the mood that started climbing on the trees just like a real cat :) Now she desperately waits for the winter to come so she could wear her new cat hat!

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