Amigurumi acorn rattles

amigurumi acorn
amigurumi acorn

Before and after the year change I worked on an amigurumi acorn. It was a customer order and kind of a sad story.

The rattle is a gift for a 4 months old baby who was just recently diagnosed a lymphoma. While I was crocheting, it wasn`t clear yet as they were waiting for the results.

It`s horrible to think of a little human being starting his life in a way like this. But I was happy to create something with love for this little guy. And I knew from the beginning that the acorn must have the friendliest smile on Earth. It will give the little guy courage to fight.

amigurumi acorn baby rattle
amigurumi acorn teething ring

Actually, making the acorn turned out quite a lot of work as I wasn`t satisfied with the first example at all. I unraveled it and made two others. If you look at the photos closely you`ll notice that although they seem to be identical, the hat is actually attached totally differently.

Also, I couldn`t choose between the handle and the teether, so I made both versions and let them choose. They chose the version with the wooden teether.

amigurumi acorn rattle teether

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