My crochet year 2022

my crochet year 2022

Happy New Year, dear crochet friends!!! Wishing you lots of happy crochet hours and many exciting amigurumi projects for 2023!

It has become a tradition to look over the past year in our personal life, and remind us about the most exciting things that happened or major changes that took place. It`s a pity I never did this for my lilleliis brand before, but better late than never. I decided to put together a little overview of the year 2022 (mostly photos!) and make some stats and analysis. So here are some important numbers of my crochet year 2022 :)


2022 was one of the less productive years for me. Don`t ask why. I´ve just been low and empty of inspiration. I only came out with 5 new patterns. Here they are!

Amigurumi peace dove

amigurumi peace dove

Amigurumi Great Tit

crochet bird great tit

Crochet sun and cloud garland

crochet sun and cloud ornaments

Luna the Moon Fairy

crochet moon fairy dreamcatcher

Amigurumi mini carrot

amigurumi small carrot pattern


There is no doubt, Christmas tree garland always has been and still is my TOP 1 crochet pattern. So simple, so beautiful, so satisfying to make and turn yourself into the Christmas mood.

crochet scandinavian style christmas garland


It`s so interesting to see which patterns succeed and which don`t. It`s always kind of a happy and sad moment together, because I myself love all my creations but some of them simply don`t become popular. But there can be surprisers. Like my top-seller of 2022. When I first posted a work in progress photo of the hen on my Instagram channel, I thought it was a failure.

Here are my TOP 3 best-selling patterns of 2022.

Stupid hen

stupid hen pattern

Spring Bunny

spring bunny amigurumi pattern

Rag doll cat

rag doll cat amigurumi pattern


There is one specific video tutorial that people find very helpful and comment a lot sharing their gratitude for this tip. It`s about embroidering a mouth to an amigurumi.

If you`ve struggled with this too, discover a technique I´ve developed during the years. It works really well on both dolls and animals.

Priscilla recently said: “Thank you so much. This is the best tutorial i have seen for this.”

La-Wrene said: “Thank you for sharing this it was exactly what I needed to complete my project.”

Check out video

how to embroider a mouth on amigurumi


Those 2 most popular freebies are very basic. They`re nothing original on the design wise, but I guess I have managed to write easy to understand patterns so they are highly appreciated among my fans and page visitors.

Amigurumi heart

amigurumi hearts on a stick

Amigurumi octopus

amigurumi octopus free pattern

And finally, if I could make a wish for 2023 then it would definitely be to GET MY CROJO BACK!

I want to feel full of inspiration.

I want to wake up every morning and feel excited about what I´m going to make today.

I want to complete the book I´ve been carrying in my mind for some years now.

4 thoughts on “My crochet year 2022

  1. Anne says:

    Looking forward to your new book in the making…I have all 3 and have made most of Book 1…’s been my favourite…..!

  2. Sara says:

    I love the crochet projects, I have seen they are very versatile and pretty. I have been trying to teach myself to crochet, the ones who claimed they would never should to help.

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